What the experts found

We asked scientists from the textile testing laboratory at agresearch to put nuyarn to the test. the results show nuyarn is a high performer too.
  • Comfier
  • Stretchier
  • Drier
  • Warmer
  • Stronger
  • Tougher

35% Loftier

Because Nuyarn has no twists, fabrics feel more comfortable on the skin. Nuyarn creates lower density, loftier fabrics, which means a lighter weight garment behaves like a heavier one.

35% Stretchier

Nuyarn provides a better fit, as garments tend to shape themselves to the body’s contours. Because Nuyarn fabrics show lower spirality, they also retain their shape, even after washing. The result is clothing that looks as comfortable as it feels.

Dries 5 x Faster

The interior of Nuyarn fibre absorbs and desorbs a large amount of moisture vapour without feeling wet. This results in garments with improved breatheability and comfort.

35% Warmer

Nuyarn produces loftier, yet lighter fabrics, with up to 35% more thermal resistance. Insulating air in the garment is protected by a 53% increase in wind resistance, making Nuyarn ideal for performance fabrics where warmth and weight really matter.

47% Stronger

Nuyarn’s burst strength improvements allow fabrics to be much more durable and resistant to abrasion. This makes it the perfect choice for performance clothing, which is often subjected to constant movement and hard wear in testing conditions.

120% Tougher Seams

Even the lightest Nuyarn fabrics have around double the strength of their traditional equivalents in both directions. This huge improvement in seam strength does not disappear in the wash, so your garments will continue to perform at their best.

The IANZ accredited Textile Testing Laboratory at AgResearch (formerly Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand) is highly recognised internationally for its quality scientific and industrial research.