Being resourceful kiwis, making the best even better is our mantra.

With over 50 years experience in textiles we’re good at combining our mantra with material. For years the wool industry had tried unsuccessfully to produce pure white merino. We managed to crack it with Enciel®. While we knew this was revolutionary, we knew we could do more. Nuyarn is not a new fabric. It’s a new way of making fabric. Traditional ring spun yarn twists the life out of yarn. Nuyarn doesn’t.


The beauty of our nuyarn technology is how we take the best material you already work with and make it better.

With fabrics that are comfier, stretchier, drier, warmer, and stronger, a whole new world of possibilities are available to you. The untapped opportunities in the health, sport, performance, lifestyle and fashion industries (to name but a few) are endless.


One of the best things about new zealand is our stunning outdoors.

And as a result, we Kiwis get excited about natural, renewable, sustainable and biodegradable resources. Harnessing the Nuyarn technology and applying it to any material from tencel, cotton, soya, bamboo, bamboo cotton blends, to fibre polyester provides opportunities to reduce the textile industry’s impact on the environment.

what the experts found

We asked scientists from the Textile Testing Laboratory at AgResearch to put Nuyarn to the test.
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