01 Apr 2013

Tmc acquisition opens new era for yarn

From small comes big ideas, it’s where innovation begins. So it’s no surprise that from little old New Zealand to the big wide world, our Nuyarn story is being told.

“When Andy Wynne and I make Trans-Tasman contact over the phone to talk about The Merino Company’s recent purchase of Nuyarn, the first thing he does is to apologise, very conscientiously, for calling two minutes late. The reason, he explains, is that he’s been in a meeting with Dr Stewart Collie, a lead scientist with leading wool research organisation AgResearch. Such high level discussions around the potential to further advance wool spinning technology look set to be more common than ever at TMC’s headquarters in Levin (NZ), following the company’s recent purchase of spinning technology specialist Nuyarn. Founded around 14 years ago in Christchurch, New Zealand, Nuyarn is, as Wynne puts it, one of the global wool industry’s “best kept secrets”, having developed unique spinning technology that presents an as yet untapped potential for innovation in wool fabrics and apparel.

“To put it in terms of the benefit to the ‘man in the street’ or the end-user, fabric produced using Nuyarn technology has more lustre and bulk and yet is far lighter weight than competing products. It also offers greater elasticity and a very low susceptibility to pilling and abrasion, so that a ‘Nuyarn’ garment that’s two years old looks brand new,” Wynne explains.

TMC had worked with Nuyarn yarns for approximately eight years prior to the acquisition, but due to its previous ownership structure, the company’s output had been confined to Australia until 2012. “The acquisition of Nuyarn will see TMC capture greater market share through real innovation and performance,” he confirms. Wynne describes the acquisition, which follows former Nuyarn owner Sumitomo’s divestment of Summit (carpets – now owned by Godfrey Hirst) and Nuyarn, as a “perfect fit”, with TMC’s reputation for quality and innovation set to mesh with Nuyarn’s directional spinning capabilities, resulting in enhanced competitive edge and an expanded product offering. Nuyarn’s innovation capabilities are clearly not to be underestimated.”

- Australian Textiles and Fashion Magazine -