New Zealand may be a small country. Levin may only be a tiny town.

New Zealand is renowned for big ideas. Ideas that send ripples around the globe. As far as ripples go, Nuyarn technology is a pretty big one. Enhancing the raw materials you already use, Nuyarn takes the twist out, and instead lays the fibres along the same orientation as the rest of the yarn. We take your best and make it better.ccc

Our Promise

There’s a saying in new zealand about our relaxed attitude
“she’ll be right.”

Which is fine, until the quality of our products affect the quality of yours. We’re far from relaxed about that. With ISO 9001 certification and strict total quality management systems all of our products are created to the highest possible standards. Better yarns. Better fabrics. That’s our promise.

Our Service

The size of the nuyarn team is small, this allows us to be nimble kiwis.

Nimble enough to try out innovative ideas. Humble enough to not brag about the awards we have won. And personable enough to ensure you not only receive the best yarns and fabrics, we provide great service to match.

Our Partners

Agresearch textile testing laboratory

The IANZ accredited Textile Testing Laboratory at AgResearch is highly recognized internationally for its quality scientific and industrial research. Nuyarn contracts AgResearch for comparative research to ensure we deliver what we promise. Better fabric.

With over 50 years of industry experience Levana has seen an abundance of evolution. Our technical skills are second to none. A high level of competence matched with knowledge and flair means we are continuously creating fresh ideas. From white wool in bright colours, to our Nuyarn technology.

what the experts found

We asked scientists from the Textile Testing Laboratory at AgResearch to put Nuyarn to the test.
see the proof