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About us

Taking on the textile world and winning

We've been changing the textile world with Nuyarn since 2013, when it was first used by market leader and innovator, Kuiu.

The industry noticed, and Nuyarn technology can now be found in industry leading performance apparel all over the world. We’re continually developing Nuyarn and working to push the limits of what is possible with textiles.


No stranger to world-firsts

Nuyarn is owned by TMC Innovation, who specialise in textile technology innovation.

TMC were the first in the world to create Enciel, a pure white merino wool that added bright colours to a dull marketplace. In the medical field, TMC created the award winning Encircle compression therapy, which creates a comfortable and healing microenvironment next to the skin. With a team of highly skilled technicians, TMC Innovation are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with textiles.




You've got it made

We have spinning, textile and apparel factories in Taiwan and Vietnam, so no matter what or how much Nuyarn our customers need, we can provide it.

Our pilot factory in Taiwan allows us to respond quickly to new developments; we can spin a yarn, make the textile and create a garment in two weeks. In Vietnam, our facilities offer contracted textile and apparel manufacturing. Our Vietnam factory makes Nuyarn eligible for duty free exemptions into Japan and Europe.

Let's talk about what Nuyarn can do for you